The Beautiful Wisdom of Rudolf Steiner Philosopher, Seer, Educator, Scientist and Artist

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The Beautiful Wisdom of Rudolf Steiner

Philosopher, Seer, Educator, Scientist and Artist

Tuesdays July 24th to August 7th, 8 to 10pm. New York Open Center

Rudolf Steiner (1861–1924) was perhaps the most remarkable spiritual figure of the Twentieth Century. Yet his profound wisdom concerning the deepest mysteries of human existence remains surprisingly little-known in America. In 6,000 lectures and over 25 books, he gave the modern world the most beautiful, moving and inspiring picture of the human condition. His insights into reincarnation and karma, the journey of the soul after death, the nature of the angelic realms, the evolution of consciousness, the significance of the ancient mysteries, and the intense spiritual challenges of the present time, provide a contemporary esoteric path rich in meditation practice and highly relevant to the present moment. Known today mostly through his origination of Waldorf Schools and biodynamic farming, Steiner was both a practical and spiritual genius of the highest order. His exquisite wisdom awaits discovery by many who walk the holistic and ecological path.

(3 sessions) Tuesdays, July 24–August 7, 8–10pm
Members: $75 / Nonmembers: $85/
Individual Sessions: $30

As many of you know, I have studied Rudolf Steiner now for 27 years and continue to be amazed by both the depth and breadth of his wisdom. I can think of no figure from the Twentieth Century who is more deserving of our attention in the 21st Century. So I hope you’ll join me for one or more of these evenings.

Those of you who may already have attended one of my courses on Steiner will be interested to know that the long-awaited documentary, The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner, will have its New York premiere at the Open Center on Tuesday, August 14th. We will be joined for the occasion by the film’s director and writer, Jonathan Stedall, who has a distinguished history making documentaries for the BBC with films on Gandhi, Tolstoy and Jung. I believe he has created an outstanding work of enduring value with his latest film. Whether you attend as a coda to my series, or come simply for the film itself, I can guarantee you will find the evening moving and inspiring.

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

A film by Jonathan Stedall

Tonight the director of this long-awaited film introduces his new work. Shot in Austria, Switzerland, India, the UK and the USA during 2011—the 150th anniversary year of Rudolf Steiner’s birth—this documentary looks not only at the biography of this remarkable visionary and philosopher, but also at his world-wide legacy in education (Waldorf Schools, Camphill), agriculture (Biodynamics), medicine (Weleda, Hauschka) and all areas of social and spiritual life. At the heart of this film lie the classic questions: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

Tuesday, August 14, 8–10pm
Members: $20 / Nonmembers: $22

Jonathan Stedall has been a documentary filmmaker for over 40 years, largely at the BBC. His films include acclaimed biographies of Tolstoy, Gandhi and Jung, and an award-winning documentary on a Rudolf Steiner-inspired Camphill community for children with special needs. He is the author of Where on Earth is Heaven?

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