The Western Esoteric Tradition in the 21st Century


I will be co-presenting at a symposium on this theme at the Sivananda Retreat on Paradise Island in the Bahamas from April 25th to 28th, 2017.


I’m fortunate to be joined by some of my favorite speakers on this theme – Joscelyn Godwin, Marjorie Roth and Leonard George.

Here’s what the website says about it:

A golden thread of spiritual wisdom can be traced through much of the Western world. Follow the courses of multiple Western esoteric streams to explore their spiritual influence on the present age.

Learn about ancient Alexandria, the Sufis of Islamic Andalusia, the hermetic and neoplatonic resurgence of 15th Century Florence, the alchemical world of Renaissance Bohemia, and more.

The teachings of this symposium draw from the 22-year history of Esoteric Quests created by New York City’s celebrated Open Center. Join this gathering of eminent scholars, historians, and musicians who will bring these oracles, myths, art, and songs to life.

This retreat and yoga center is a jewel on turquoise seas with the steady, soothing rhythm of the waves calming those jangled city nerves. I have deeply enjoyed my prior visits there including the most recent one in which I spoke on my memoir, The Jeweled Highway, at a symposium on spiritual narrative- My Story, Their Story, Your Story organized by the redoubtable scholar of Indian and Jewish spirituality, Nathan Katz. We were joined by Jan Willis, gutsy, eloquent and engaging facer down of the KKK in the JIm Crow South, and Roger Kamenetz, poet, dream journeyer, and author from New Orleans. It was a truly lovely experience.

Perhaps you’ll join me in April for the symposium on the Western Tradition.


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