Interview with David Spangler on the State of the American Soul 2005


David Spangler is one of the most remarkable spiritual seers of our time. For many years he has demonstrated a profound attunement to the higher levels of reality beyond the material world. Yet he is a spiritual researcher with a difference — he has always had an intense engagement with current affairs and the significance of world events in the larger context of the evolution of consciousness. Who better, then, to discuss with Lapis’ editor Ralph White the state of America’s soul?
David Spangler has been writing, lecturing, and teaching since the early seventies, when he was codirector of the spiritual community of Findhorn in Northern Scotland. He is the author of Revelation: The Birth of a New Age; Emergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred; Everyday Miracles; A Pilgrim in Aquarius; The Call; and most recently Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent.

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