Speaking and Consulting

Ralph is available for lectures and workshops and can be reached at info@ralphwhite.net.

He can also be contacted regarding writing projects at the same address.

Consulting, Editing, Writing and Speaking

With a lifetime of experience in the world of holistic learning and culture, Ralph is able to draw upon an immense body of knowledge in the creation of events and centers.

Creating, Producing and Directing Significant Events

  • The creating of fresh, dynamic and successful  programs locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The development of creative content for conferences, workshops and lecture series.
  • The launching of centers of holistic and ecological learning.
  • Working internationally on major cultural events.
  • The emerging global network of holistic centers and the resources they represent.
  • Producing and directing conferences, journeys and quests with clarity, integrity and emotional intelligence.
  • Building team spirit around clear vision, interpersonal warmth, mutual interest and shared meaning.
  • Creating certificate programs in dynamic new fields.

Please contact Ralph at info@ralphwhite.net if you would like to explore any of these areas with him. He is available for phone and skype consultations.


As an accomplished writer, editor, memoirist and author of many forms of engaging copy, Ralph is skilled at turning deep and sometimes complex ideas into clear and compelling phrases, paragraphs and brochures.
For thirty years, he wrote the opening Vision Statement of the New York Open Center catalogue of which he was the editor in the Eighties.He enjoys conveying the essence of a project in succinct, evocative and lucid prose.
Ralph was also editor of the award-winning Lapis magazine, winner of the Alternative Press Award 2000 from Utne Reader. He has written articles of a diverse range of subjects to do with the renewal and challenges of our culture and world.
And most recently he is the author of the acclaimed memoir, The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning,’ a top pick 0f 2015 by Spirituality and Health Magazine.
For inquiries concerning writing or editing, write to us at info@ralphwhite.net.


Ralph has spoken at local, national and international events and conferences for over thirty years. A fluent, articulate and often entertaining presenter, he also lectures on the the current holistic and ecological awakening, the lost western spiritual traditions, contemporary esoteric philosophy, his own personal quest for meaning, and the transformative and practical work in the world to which he has been committed for forty years.
A pioneer in the ‘consciousness movement’ who has been present at the birth of many extraordinary initiatives, he is also a chronicler of many of the most interesting, outrageous, and significant personalities in the holistic and spiritual realm, most of whom he has known personally.
For inquiries about speaking or writing engagements, write to info@ralphwhite.net.